Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Flavoured Chewy Retro Candies

Hot Tamales Fierce cinnamon flavoured chewy retro candies These one of a kind chewy cinnamon flavoured candies are sure to fire up your taste buds! They deliver an intense burst of heat with eve...

Mike and Ike Mega Mix Flavours Candy

Chewy assorted fruit flavoured candies that come in several colours and varieties, including cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon, and lime! This single mega mix box contains 10 different flavours....

Sour Patch Kids Extreme Flavour American Candy

sour patch kids extreme! Sweet and sour chewy American candy. Sour Patch Kids Extreme Flavors: Sour Blue Raspberry. Sour Strawberry. Sour Green Apple. Sour Orange. Sour Patch Kids Extreme have...

Airheads American Candy Bites Peg Bags 107g

A playful combination of fruity, sweet, and sour taking to the Xtreme. Give yourself a juicy jolt of the perfect pairing of both sweet and sour. Now you can share the playfully chewy zap of flav...

Rainbow Nerds- Chewy Theatre Box American Candy

Rainbow Nerds are a mouthwatering, tasty, tangy mix of sweet and sour fruity flavours. These colourful, tiny balls of candy come in a selection of colours and flavours: Pink - Strawberry. Sweet ...

Mike and Ike Red Rageous (single Box) Chewy Flavoured Candy

Red Rageous flavoured chewy assorted fruit flavourerd candy with natural and artifical flavourings! Key features: Chewy red fruit flavoured jelly sticks candy Made of real fruit juice with ...

Nerds Gummy Clusters 141g - New American Chewy Fruity Candy

Nerds Gummy Clusters! Each poppable piece has tangy, crunchy, mini Nerds clustered around a sweet gummy centre for a fun-to-eat, dual texture treat! Yum! Nerds Gummy Clusters. Delicious little b...

Jolly Rancher Hard Candy Tropical Flavour

This candy flavour will leave you remembering tropical islands and paradise with its unique exotic flavours!

Hersheys Zero American Chocolate Bars - Full Box Usa Sweets

Luxuriously smooth caramel, almond nougat and crunchy peanuts, completely wrapped in rich white fudge. It'll go down a treat! Try this unique combination of caramel, peanut and almond nougat cov...

Everlasting Gobstoppers 141g Theatre Boxes - Fun Retro Candy

The everlasting gobstopper is like a normal gobstopper or jawbreaker and is composed of several discrete layers. The classic jawbreaker comes in assorted colors: orange, green, yellow, purple, ...

Swedish Fish Chewy Delicious American Candy

Swedish Fish is a fish-shaped, chewy candy! Soft & Chewy Candy Fat Free Fruity Swedish Fish are one of the few gummy-like candies that does not contain gelatin

Runts Fruits Flavoured Candy

Runts are hard shelled fruit flavoured candies. small, crunchy and fruity candies that are shaped like the fruit that correspond to their flavor. Runts come in one box. The current five flavors ...